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SGP Baltie 4 C# - Overview

Interactive mode - for everyone - age and knowledge does not matter
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  • In the interactive mode Baltie performs given commands in the 3D space instantly.
  • Using commands you can walk with Baltie in his world and also conjure ready 3D models.
  • Individual commands are recorded and can be replayed, saved to a file or used to create a method that can be used in the programming mode.
  • Thanks to the Undo and Redo functions you can remove or return the commands. Baltie performs the commands backwards in the process.
  • The camera is controlled by the mouse, so you can easily set its position, it means zoom in / out the scene and turn it. The current camera position can be stored which is suitable for easy creation of 3D "movies".
  • The "Auto Repeat" option allows the repetitive replay of the whole command sequence and create repeating story with ease.
  • Simultaneous display of C# code and the icon commands allows you to uncover the C# language secrets.

Programming mode - professional environment
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  • The programming mode offers unlimited possibilities to the more experienced programmers.
  • Even the complete beginner with no programming history can easily and quickly create impressive 3D applications in the standard version using just the icons.
  • The Professional version contains also comfortable C# editor with the syntax checker and the syntax highlighting, automatic code completion, the ability to create standalone application (.EXE) and possibility to convert the Baltie's project to the Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET (C#) project.
  • Thanks to the ability of code completion in the icon editor even the beginners can work in the style the professionals do.
  • The programs being created can be debugged, stepped, you can insert breakpoints and watch every single process threads.

Million variations of Baltie
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  • Teaching object oriented programming; the Baltie class has methods, properties...
  • For easy programming several Balties, the collection of ten differently colored Balties is ready to use.
  • You can easily change at any Baltie its properties (color of the coat, cap, skin, eyes etc.) using ready functions.
  • Teaching the parallel processes synchronization: Balties can send message to each other, wait for message.
  • Baltie talks in natural speech (according the installed Microsoft® Speech Engine).


Programming using icons
Click for full-size image
  • Expanding command menu contains icons with pre-defined, most often used commands,
  • All common programming constructions can be done in the pure icon code.
  • Commands that are not in the menu can be put down in the direct C# code.
  • Like in the interactive mode, you can concurrently watch the notation in the C# code.
  • In the Professional version you can write special parts of the program or create new methods directly in the C# code.

Support for multi-thread programs
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  • In the programs you can utilize all latest approaches including multi-thread programming.
  • Unlimited number of Balties (10 of them are ready to use) can send messages to each other, which can be used e.g. for teaching the synchronization of independent program threads.
  • Code completion support even in the icon programming.

Adjust the models as you wish
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  • There is an editor at your disposal, where you can adjust the 3D models (change materials, size or textures) or create group models which can be "conjured" using a single command.

You can program any application
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  • Programs being created do not need to contain the Baltie character at all. You can create any application.
  • 3D games only from professional teams? Years of work?
    Yes unless using Baltie 4 C# :-)

More screenshots

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